The Artist specializes in acrylic painting and paints a variety of subjects including maritime, landscape, still life, flowers, and animals, mostly representational. She developed a technique of "Puzzle Paintings" in which she cuts a board into puzzle type pieces, paints each of these segments individually, them puts them back together to create the completed, slightly distorted looking work.

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summer song wm

Shades of Blue

8 x 10

the5841 wm

Can You Find Me

14 x 11

the5841 wm

Day's End - Watercolor

11 x 14

portagelakes wm5

Portage Lakes

16 x 20


Waterfall *

barn wm5

Evening Barn *


Tionesta Reservoir

18 x 24

fuji wm5


18 x 24


Off the Beaten Trail *

the5841 wm

Under Cover

10 x 8

the5841 wm

The 5841

16 x 20

creation wm

Creation *


Impromptu for Summer

12 x 9


Winter Cathedral

16 x 26

goldsun wm5

Golden Sunset *

cornbrdg wm5

Cornplanter Bridge *



18 x 24

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Reproductions are available of most of Irene's Paintings.

All art works are copyrighted and cannot be used without written permission from the artist.

Artwork marked with an " * " are available only in reproductions.