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Original Jewelry by Irene

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Decoupage Jewelry

Pendents are created from Irene's original art and her original photographs.

From Irene's Verbena Photo

e verbena wm

P-7-1--E $10.00

From Irene's Pink Fowers Photo

e pink wm

P-19-E $12.00

From painting: "Safety Ahead"

e toledo wm

A-20-E $12.00

From painting:"Off Shore"

p detroit wm

20" plus 1.5" pendent

A-8-N $12.00

From Irene's Pink Shell Cosmos Photo

e cosmos d wm

 P-1-E $12.00

From painting:"Color of Spring"

e daffodil wm

 A-3-E $12.00

From Irene's Coneflower Butterfly Photo

e butterflyconeflower wm

 P-12-E $12.00



From painting: "Up from the Deep"

Earrings available with this design

P-9-E $12.00


17" plus 1.5" pendent

A-9-NB $18.00

From painting: "Time Lapse"


p timelapse wm

20" plus 1.5" pendent

A-6-N $12.00



From paintings

Earrings are also available in these designs

a 11 0wa 12 0w

a 17 0w


$12.00 each

From Irene's Tiger Swallowtail Photo

e swallowtail wm

P-6-E $12.00

From Irene's Bluejay Photo

e jay wm

P-5-E $12.00

From Irene's Dogwood Photo

Earrings are available in this design

P-16-E $12.00

p dogwood1 wm

20" plus 1.5" pendent

P-16-N $12.00

From painting:"Marblehead"

p marblehead wm

21" plus 1.75" pendent

A-4-N $12.00

From Irene's White Clematis Photo

p clematis w wm

20" plus 1.5" pendent

P-8-N $12.00

From painting:"Waterlily"

p waterlily wm

21" plus 1.75" pendent

A-7-N $12.00

From painting:"Bashful"

p sunflower b wm

20" plus 1.5" pendent

A-10-N $12.00

From painting: "Time Lapse"

e amarylilis wm

A-6-E $12.00


17" plus 1.5" pendent

A-6-NB $18.00

From painting:"Presto Wings"


18" plus 1.5" pendent

A-1-NB $18.00

From Irene's photos

Earrings are also available in these designs

p 14 0w


$12.00 each

All art works are copyrighted and cannot be used without written permission from the artist.

Artwork marked with an " * " are available only in reproductions.