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About the Artist

itr logo"Having taught art for many years to all ages, my art experience covers a variety of media and techniques. I am constantly experimenting with ideas and materials. When something catches my eye, it goes into my brain, mixes with my creativity and comes out as a work of art."

The Artist specializes in acrylic painting and paints a variety of subjects including maritime, landscape, still life, flowers, and animals, mostly representational. She developed a technique of "Puzzle Paintings" in which she cuts a board into puzzle type pieces, paints each of these segments individually, them puts them back together to create the completed, slightly distorted looking work.

As author, Irene has written a drawing book with a different approach - What Color is a Cloud? She also has written a book about Missionary Cook, who worked in Japan from 1902 to 1916 - No Time To Rest. She did extensive research to gain information about her grandfather, H. H. Cook.

This versatile artist is talented in many areas as this sight shows.

Mrs. Rodriguez attended Bowling Green State University, majoring in Art Education. She taught art in the public schools for many years. She also worked for several years at the Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio, teaching painting classes in the museum and outreach classes in the public schools.

All art works are copyrighted and cannot be used without written permission from the artist.

Artwork marked with an " * " are available only in reproductions.